SafeZone APAC Conference 2022

Customer Awards

SafeZone Customer Awards

We are delighted you registered for our 2022 SafeZone Annual Conference. This is an opportunity to highlight how each award winner is elevating their organisation’s performance with the deployment of SafeZone and establishing a new baseline of performance for others to strive toward.

There are 3 award categories for consideration (award criteria are listed below):

  • Most innovative marketing campaign – existing customer
  • Extensive use of SafeZone – using all aspects of SafeZone 
  • Best innovative use of SafeZone to solve a business challenge e.g. COVID

Have you excelled in one or more of these categories? We hope you can find the time to enter one or multiple entries so we can recognise your team’s hard work and publicly celebrate the winners! We encourage you to submit your entry for nomination by 29th April 2022 by sending an email to our Global Marketing Director, Gerard Laurain at, and cc: Julian Spencer at

We will present your stories and nominations to our panel for review and awards will be presented at our Gala Dinner on the first night of the conference.  We are looking forward to receiving your entries!




Award Submission Guidelines:

  • In your submission, please include the name and logo of your organisation, the name of the award, the name, title, and contact info. of the person submitting the entry
  • Nominations should be between 500-1,000 words in total, excluding any supporting documentation, images, videos, or other assets
  • All entries would be based on Chatham House Rules, any content to be used at the conference would be subject to approval
  • Each organisation can submit an entry for up to two of the five awards listed below: Max of one winner per organisation/year
  • We encourage you to provide specific examples that support why you believe your organisation deserves to win, along with quantified metrics and accompanying content assets i.e. articles, videos, posters, social media, etc. that strengthen your submission
  • Award submissions are due by 1st April 2022.

Award Descriptions

Extensive use of SafeZone

  • Demonstrated end-to-end usage of the platform among a broad base of constituents
  • Where applicable include multiple locations/sites where the service is used
  • Please include details on specific use case scenarios supported across a variety of departments, including how various key business operational issues were positively impacted through the implementation and use of SafeZone
  • Cite the positive impacts and benefits of the new programs and projects implemented
  • Provide a description of the planned phases for continued growth and development of new programs to extract additional value across the organisation


Best innovative use of SafeZone to solve a business challenge e.g. Covid

  • Describe the business challenge(s) including those impacted, the likely outcome if left unaddressed, and what steps if any had been taken previously in an effort to address the challenges
  • How you went about addressing the challenge including how you garnered resources, identified stakeholders, and secured executive support
  • Detail how your organisation used SafeZone to solve the challenges. Include details on the organisations you engaged with, how you developed and tested the use case scenario and then how it was rolled out for widespread use
  • How did your organisation benefit from the innovative application(s) of SafeZone, including any benefits i.e. better relations between those protected and the safety and security team, safer working environment, recognition for your organisation, decrease risk etc.  

Most Innovative Marketing Campaign

  • Describe how you and your team engaged with the various members of your organisation, staff, and community to educate them on the use of SafeZone
  • Summarise how you created the key messages and the methods used to communicate the campaign to stakeholders to raise awareness of SafeZone and increase its adoption and use
    • Please provide sample materials created i.e. posters, social media campaigns, videos, events
  • Include details on how you highlighted the benefits of SafeZone to specific user groups or departments
  • Describe the duration of the campaign and the resources invested (people, time, funds) to generate the results
  • How did the results of the campaign compare to original objectives?
  • Quantify the results and output of the launch efforts in terms of total downloads, percent of the addressable audience, and other key metrics
  • Include any ancillary benefits associated with the campaign i.e. improved student/staff recruitment and/or retention, positive press your organisation received, positive impact on branding, lives saved, injuries treated, etc.


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